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Urgent Notice of Legal Action – Allegations of Corruption Against BONITA ZARRILLO

November 27, 2023

Political Affiliation: NDP
Constituency: Port Moody Coquitlam

Province / Territory:
British Columbia


This communication serves as an unequivocal notice to you,BONITA ZARRILLO, Member of Parliament for Portmoody Coquitlam, regarding allegations of corruption that have come to light in recent times. The citizens of Canada, through we the Canadian People, are issuing this document to put you on explicit notice of impending personal legal action.

Urgent Notice of Pending Legal Action - Allegations of Bribery and Corruption Sec.119-125 Criminal Code.

The nature of the allegations, including instances of fraud, scandal, and a discernible pattern of obstruction of justice, has raised significant concerns among the electorate. In response, we are initiating individual lawsuits against you to seek redress for the perceived transgressions committed during your tenure.

While we acknowledge the inherent procedural complexities within the legal system, this notice is not a procedural formality; it is a stark warning. The legal pursuit we undertake is an unwavering commitment to justice that will endure long after your current term concludes.

Your actions have not gone unnoticed, and this is not a veiled threat. The impending legal action is a direct consequence of your alleged involvement in activities that betray the trust bestowed upon you by the citizens you purport to represent.

This notice is a call to immediate introspection. The citizens demand accountability, and the forthcoming election will serve as a reckoning. Each vote against the current coalition government will underscore the severity of the situation, contributing to the growing body of evidence against those who have abused their positions.

Comprehend the gravity of this situation. The legal action awaiting you is not a mere procedural step; it is a decisive move toward justice and accountability. The protection afforded by false committee hearings and taxpayer-funded resources will not endure indefinitely.

As for your Parliamentary privilege, it generally protects Members of Parliament in Canada from unreasonable legal actions related to their speech and actions within the parliamentary setting. However, it will not provide immunity for criminal activities such as bribery, fraud, or corruption. Serious criminal allegations may still be subject to legal scrutiny.

Consider this a final warning – an opportunity for you to reassess your course before legal consequences become an inevitable reality. The citizens demand better, and we are prepared to use every legal means available to fight for the principles that define our nation. This is a direct notice you may face legal action – a consequence awaiting those who betray public trust. The choice is yours, and the repercussions will be as well.

We the citizens of Canada have lost confidence in Justin Trudeau and the Liberal/NDP coalition and we call on the house for a vote of no confidence.

Please sign the Non-Confidence Petition e-4701 introduced by MP Michelle Ferreri

We The Canadian People