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Larry Brock Member of Parliament. Brantford—Brant, Ontario. Committees. Member. ETHIStanding Committee on Access to Information.

You might be wondering why is Larry Brock on here? We have called his office a couple times to inform him of missing information and some of these scandals. His receptionist are very rude on the phone and go straight to arguing with you about anything. They have big attitudes. One of our associates called his office to let him know about Caleb White, which is an owner of GC strategies who has not been exposed in the scheme. Literally allowing him to hide in the shadows. His receptionists literally start giving you crap for calling in this information, telling you he doesn’t want to hear about it and it’s not their problem. When bringing up the investigations into the matter, they say they’re not investigating anything. Very rude women on the phone.

When you say that, you are going to publish the information so that the public knows about it, she will accuse you of threatening. There is no threat to reporting this stuff. They don’t answer questions and immediately proceed to start asking you questions and have nothing to do with the relevance of why you’re calling. The lady on the phone won’t even talk to you unless you give your postal code and when you do give a relevant postal code, she doesn’t believe that that’s your postal code in argues with you about it. When asked to have the call just transferred to Mr. Brock’s voicemail to leave a message so you don’t have to talk to a nasty person with an attitude, she refuses to transfer the call as well. 

This is unacceptable and I will not be voting for Mr. Brock. What the hell is going on here? It’s time Mr. brock you fire your receptionists at the least. You can thank them for you being indexed to this website. It’s 100% your receptionist fault. Is this how you conduct business Mr. Brock with the public? Is this what you call accountability? You appear to be another idiot.